località Pescaù 51,
Lezzeno 22025 (CO) Italia

P.IVA 03572700130
Codice Fiscale 95120730130

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Panoramic Points

Some of the most evocative viewpoints of Lezzeno

Panoramic Points

The Barrow

An emblematic element, recalling the ancient furnace of Lezzeno, is located below the lake and currently in disuse. In the past, material was extracted from the mountain for lime production. From the barrow, looking down on the left, you can see both the furnace and the old tracks.

Easily reachable on the main road that leads to Bellagio, towards the end of the town: why not to stop and enjoy a wide and picturesque view of the Lake, especially at sunset when the sun disappears behind the mountain right in front of you.

Panoramic Points

Watch Tower

The square-based tower, built with stone blocks and preserved in ruins, dates back to the 12th century. Some scholars reconnect the ruins of the tower to the destruction and looting which took place in August 1120, by the Comaschi created in Lezzeno during the ten-year war (1118-1127). In fact, Lezzeno had sided with the inhabitants of the Isola Comacina and Milan, against Como and the emperor Federico I, known as the “Barbarossa” (the red beard).

From the tower you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the lake, and of the mountain peaks that surround it.

Panoramic Points

Sanctuary Madonna Dei Ceppi

Step inside this magical place, where the sacred and profane are connected (with various stories of witches here!)

Immersed in nature and surrounded by wonderful trees, not far away you will find the namesake mountain refuge. From here you can admire the blue of the lake and the mountains on the horizon. Perpendicular to the view, you will see the Comacina Island and the tip of Balbianello.

Panoramic Points

Strada Regia

The Strada Regia was the ancient road that connected Como to Bellagio along the eastern shore of the lake.

It was a long mule track used until the early years of the twentieth century, which connected all of the villages situated on this side of the lake, allowing shepherds, travelers and traders to easily cross the terrain. The track remained in use until the early 1900s when the modern road called Lariana was completed.

The track is now a very nice and easy path which you can walk through, discovering beautiful view, while passing through characteristic and antique hamlets .

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