località Pescaù 51,
Lezzeno 22025 (CO) Italia

P.IVA 03572700130
Codice Fiscale 95120730130

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Same of the best beaches in Lezzeno


Pescaù Hamlet

In the hamlet of Pescaù you will find a convenient car park from which you can walk in a few minutes along the cobbled small road to the children Playground and its small beach located near the retirement home Villa Citterio, the characteristic small Church of San Giuseppe , the boutique Hotel Palazzo del Vice Re and the rowing school of Lezzeno. The park is equipped with some games for children, wooden tables where you can have a picnic, a volleyball net and a nice small public beach.


Bagnana Hamlet


In the hamlet of Bagnana, arriving from Como just before the Helvetia hotel-restaurant, you find a road that descends towards the lake. At the end of it you will find a beautiful wooden bridge and a recently renovated public beach. There you can enjoy a beautiful landscape, with a view of the Isola Comacina and the tip of Balbianello.


Chiesa - Church Hamlet

At the center of the village, in the church district, you will find numerous public services including the Post Office, Pharmacy, the City Council, the Bank of Lezzeno with ATM machine and the boat landing stage. Adjacent to the pier you will find a white public beach, equipped with public toilettes and a basketball court.


Sostra Hamlet

Coming from Como, just after the Hotel Restaurant Villa Aurora, you will find on the left a cobblestone road that descends directly to the lake. There opens a beautiful public beach. If the level of the lake is low, you will have the opportunity to take a nice walk along the lake side.


Cendraro Hamlet


Follow the signs for the Stone House restaurant in the hamlet of Cendraro Lago where on the right you will find a small car park (better to go on foot, limited places!), You will find yourself at the public beach called Salice where a beautiful specimen of weeping Willow will make you fall in love with this place.


Casate Hamlet

Follow the signs for the hotel-restaurant Crotto dei Pescatori located in the hamlet of Casate. Coming in the direction from Como is the last hamlet of Lezzeno. When you see on your right the half-length statue of an Alpine, turn left down towards the lake. At the end of the street you will find the Casate beach. There you can also see the ancient Furnace of Lezzeno, once used to cook lime.

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