località Pescaù 51,
Lezzeno 22025 (CO) Italia

P.IVA 03572700130
Codice Fiscale 95120730130

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Fountain of Lezzeno's Traditions

Monumental sculpture in marble – unique artwork


di Abele Vadacca

The fountain of Lezzeno, work of the local sculptor Abele Vadacca, encloses in its more than 5 meters highthe traditions of the arts and crafts and the legends at the base of the town’s history. 
The imposing fountain, full of solids and voids, fits into the landscape leaving the background visible, exploiting its antimatter to let itself be caressed and crossed by history and time and by the winds of the lake: Breva and Tivano, almost like a musical instrument. Evident are the symbols of Water, Air and Earth which culminate in this work.

il Contadino

The farmeremblem of agriculture and pastoralism from which the town historically lived; next to the semi-hidden figure of this man, a bricella that transforms him into the adventurous Spallone (smuggler) ready for the “trafficking of blondes”.
The Rooster: is symbol of the new day and bearer of good luck
The donkeys: they refer to the famous legend on the choice of positioning of the Church.
The Comballo: is the famous boat that characterizes the whole of Lake Como for moving livestock.The boat with its oars, as Lezzeno is the town par excellence with the largest concentration ofMaestri d’Ascia, the famous boat builders who sailed the lakes.

la Strega

The Witch: scenario of large trials accused of witchcraft of which the country was thought to be corrupt.
The Butterfly: one of Lezzeno’s productions was the breeding of silkworms, practiced at home, in heated living quarters where there was a stove or fireplace, as the seed of the silkworms needs warmth to hatch.
The Fish : symbol of fishing with which one of the typical dishes of the  ‘missoltini’ is cooked.
The Sun and the Moon: They move with the flow of water, following a romantic circular motion. Because of its unusual geographical position, the town lacks the sun in winter and the moon in summer, ‘d’esta’ senza il so, d’invernu senza la luna’.
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