località Pescaù 51,
Lezzeno 22025 (CO) Italia

P.IVA 03572700130
Codice Fiscale 95120730130

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Watch Tower

One of the most suggestive panoramic points of Lezzeno

Punti Panoramici

Torre d'Avvistamento

Difficulty: Easy

Route length: 600 mt

Panoramic hiking for everybody. Short climb but with an important slope

Start from the church square near the bus stop of Lezzeno number 8 (Photo 1)

Begin the path of the climb next to the parish church where there are also a map and directions to the mountain trails (Photo 2)

Turn left and follow the cobblestone path for about 100 meters (Photo 1)

Climb to the right and follow the steps under the portico

At the end of the steps begin the mountain path with 400 steps leading to the tower (Photo 3,4,5)

During the ascent you can see different views of the lake (Photo 1)

The path ends with the achievement of the tower: (Photo 2,3,4,5)

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