località Pescaù 51,
Lezzeno 22025 (CO) Italia

P.IVA 03572700130
Codice Fiscale 95120730130

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ProLezzeno is an organization of private citizens and business people who share a dynamic vision of developing tourism and enjoy collaborating together, in order to transform Lezzeno into a better place for both residents and visitors. By bringing together individual resources and talents, ProLezzeno hopes to capitalize on what the country has to offer in order to create opportunities that will lead to a prosperous future. ProLezzeno has plans to become part of municipalities that can collectively share the effort needed to revitalize and promote initiatives for the development of the country, by improving signage and using cutting-edge technologies to enhance the visitors’ experience. In order to boost tourism, a community must be able to offer unique experiences and highlight their distinctive features. The Lezzenesi are a perfect example of this, owing to their traditions and history… they represent a unique community that creates a sense of belonging, something that ProLezzeno intends to preserve and use as a “showcase.” ProLezzeno will be able to create a connection that goes beyond mere tourism and will enter the territory of the “transformational travel”, offering tourists the opportunities to interact with the residents, sharing their traditions and listening to their stories. ProLezzeno is a democratic forum made up of travel professionals, artisans, hoteliers, as well as open-minded citizens; all united and inspired by the desire to learn from each other and work together to make their community thrive.

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To join the association, download and fill in the application form, and then hand it to one of the board members:

  • Rita Annunziata
  • Francesca Ticozzi
  • Giuseppe Gilardoni
  • Luca Ferrari
  • Alessandro Sironi
  • Alessandro Pertusini
  • Domenico Antonio Morano

Send an e-mail at

Or submit it in a sealed envelope to

Prolezzeno (presso Palazzo del Vicerè)

Località Pescaù 51,
22025 Lezzeno (CO)

The Statute

The “PROLEZZENO” Association is established and based in Lezzeno (CO), with unlimited duration over time.

“PROLEZZENO” is an association of tourism, cultural, social, autonomous, pluralist, non-partisan and non-political, voluntary and democratic, regulated pursuant to Title I, Chapter III, articles 36 and following of the Civil Code as well as by this Statute.

The Association is non-profit and any proceeds from the activities allowed cannot, under any circumstances, be divided among the members, even indirectly. There is an obligation to reinvest any management surplus in favor of institutional activities and by-laws.

The Board of Directors, with its deliberation, can transfer the seat within the same Municipality.

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