The oldest document discovered so far documenting the presence of Romans in Lezzeno is a fragment of a gravestone reused for the base of the bell tower of the parish church and is dated 1st– 2ndcentury AD.

The first records in paper documenting events taking place in Lezzeno date back to yeat 981 and are deeds of sale which claim the patrimonial capacity of the inhabitants of this town. From then until year 1780 Lezzeno was a part of the parish of the island (Pieve d’Isola), with its center being Comacina Island on which a number of Roman time’ruins have been found.

The first two centuries of the millennium reveal Lezzeno to ally with Milan in the war between Como and Milan; when the war ended in 1169 with the victory of Como, allied with the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, of Milan, resulting in the destruction of the island and yet another plundering the town of Lezzeno.


In the beginning of 13th Century the first records of authonomy of the Municipality of Lezzeno occur as the consuls mentioned in some documents have the power to resolve disputes between the inhabitants of the various fractions. In these documents upper and lower Lezzeno is mentioned however despite this differentiation the documents show the unity of the community.

In 1535, with Charles V rising to the throne of Spain, Lezzeno is under Spanish domination and remains like this until the death Charles II of Spain in 1736; later the Duchy of Milan will be attached to the Austrian empire.

Alessandro Pertusini