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Palazzo del Vice Re

The new essence of luxury on Lake Como

The award winning destination specialist ‘Palazzo del Vice Re’has a deep knowledge of the historical and prestigious Italy, but also of the modern Italy focused on design, as well as the hidden and unconventional Italy. Whatever is your style, our enviable list of personal contacts from allover the area will open you the doors of any personalized travel experience, event organization and exclusive villas/properties on rent.

Il posto del cuore

Our first home

One day we had the idea to buy a cottage in the small village of Sormazzana, to be restored complitely, but with a unique view of the lake. Then the idea took shape and the cottage became a welcoming house to live in and grow with the family. Over the years, the small village has also changed: people from all over Europe bought cottages to make them become their second homeland. Sormazzana gains its identity, our home becomes the reference point and, as if by magic, this becomes for us the “Place of the Hart”. The chance to make other people live this sesation which has determined our decision to open a bed &breakfast. The hart is so big that there’s room for everybody.