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“The Lezzenesi have always pretended to be part of a separatist republic to avoid being a melting pot. Theirs is the legend that they descend from the Greeks (it is true, however that Julius Caesar brought a small colony on the banks of Lake Como), they are definitely great grandchildren of peasant witches, in the recent past they have assuredly been bootleggers. Like Ulysses, the witches and the bootleggers, they are discreet and rebellious, adventurous and curious, unfriendly and stiffy hospitable, sullen and prankers, undisciplined and unruly.”

Prof. Basilio Luoni

Inauguration of the Lezzeno Info Point

Following the opening of our new Lezzeno Info Point, ProLezzeno wishes to thank Stefania and Luca for this beautiful video made of this special occasion, and all those who have participated and supported us in this project!

Wellcome to Lezzeno – 7km to discover

Leading from Bellagio towards Como, Lezzeno streches for as long as 7 km, imbraced by the coastline of the lake and woods of Mount San Primo – the highest mountain of the area enclosed between the two southern branches of the lake. Its ancient history displays in numerous small villages of mediaeval origins, which still maintain the breath of the past through the cobbled streets, the stone portals and houses standing side by side to each other: towns that are facing the lake and have a lush vegetation at their backs, rich in walking trails and ancient mule tracks that reveal stunning scenery at every turn, from the small beaches lapped by the waves to the distant Alps with the snow-capped peaks for most of the year.

Here you will breathe the magic of an authentic atmosphere, the tranquility of village life marked by the distant sounds of the bells, meeting real characters in the street as the fisherman, the farmer with hay, a woman who takes care of the garden: pictures of real life by our lake, the atmosphere that centuries ago enchanted the great travelers like Stendhal, Mark Twain, Franz Liszt … the atmosphere that in Lezzeno is still preserved unchanged over the time.

Lucia Sala

— Thought of the month —

“L’acqua d’insu’, la bagna gna i soeul di pedu’”
“La pioggia che viene dall’alto lago non bagna nemmeno le suole delle scarpe”

— Luoni Marisa —

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